Emily G’s Jams and Sauces Bring Flavor to Your Thanksgiving Menu

Emily G’s Jams and Sauces Bring Flavor to Your Thanksgiving Menu

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Nov 15th 2023

When it comes to seasonal eats, Thanksgiving is the undeniable culinary king. As friends and family gather around the table to enjoy a shared meal, Emily G’s wants to be right there with you. In fact, we think our jams and sauces deserve a seat at the table from start to finish!

Emily G’s jams and sauces can be used all day long on Thanksgiving Day- from brunch to dessert and drinks.

Breakfast with Emily

Are you the type who fasts until dinner is served? Or do you prefer to indulge all day long? No matter which side you’re on, you won’t be able to resist these brunch dishes, served best with Emily G’s.

Breakfast Bruschetta- Another easy, and delicious recipe from the Emily G’s kitchen, this sweet and savory dish makes a beautiful start to your holiday.

Triple Berry Fruit Smoothie- Start with our basic recipe- with our Triple Berry Jam, and customize to your delight. You could even sneak in a few veggies before the feast.

Bacon Jam- Beware! When you pair everyone’s favorite morning indulgence with our sweetest Pear Honey Jam, you’re going to have folks forget there’s a turkey coming later!

Appeal with Appetizers

Baked Brie with Jam-This crowd pleaser makes a beautiful centerpiece as your Thanksgiving guests mingle before the meal.

Sausage Bites with Mustard-If your holiday meal happens later in the day, try these savory and satisfying bites in the afternoon. These are perfect with our new mustards!

Emily G’s in the Main Event

Spicy Green Beets- Your green salad might not get the love it deserves on Thanksgiving, but Emily G’s is here to turn that around. Made with our versatile pepper vinegar, these greens will be gobbled up.

Turkey Cranberry Panini- Leftovers are arguably the greatest part of Thanksgiving dinner. Emily G’s makes it even greater with your favorite jam to sweeten the deal.

Cranberry Glaze- One of the holiday’s most loved flavors is also in our Emily G’s kitchen! This year, glaze your turkey with Cranberry Port Jam.

Desserts to Seal the Deal

Holiday Cookies- As we wrap up the Thanksgiving meal, it’s officially Christmas! Why not delight your guests with these beautiful cookies, made with our seasonal Santa Jam?

Berry Tart- With fresh berries and refrigerated pie crust, and our Triple Berry Jam, of course, this dessert doesn’t get any easier!

Apple Roses- Not a confectioner? Not to worry! Emily G’s makes it simple to make a grand statement with these beautiful apple pie roses.


Cabernet Cranberry Cocktail- Cheers to family and friends with this red wine inspired spirit!

Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade- This family friendly concoction will sweeten the day with flavors that will remind you of the summertime- even though the weather outside might be frightful.

Bring Emily G’s into the kitchen all Thanksgiving Day-long!

As a business rooted in family and friends, we’d be delighted to hear about your Emily G’s inspired holiday dishes and drinks. Drop us a line on our social media pages, or, share it with the world with a Google Review.

The Emily G’s family wishes you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and a sweet start to the holiday season!