Jammin' BBQ Sauce

Jammin' BBQ Sauce

Posted by Jennifer Burns on Aug 28th 2018

I love when jam fans get to jammin’ on the grill! Our friends Arvo and Lana decided to step up their BBQ sauce by adding some Emily G’s Peach Marmalade. Weekends and holidays are a great time to grill with friends. This jam adds the perfect “tang” to any BBQ sauce and it’s so easy to make! And when we are at the lake, hanging with friends or just relaxing on the weekend – this easy, delicious recipe gets you out of the kitchen and on with the FUN!

BBQ Sauce

Combine in a small saucepan over low heat:

¼ c of your favorite BBQ sauce

½ c Emily G’s Peach Marmalade

a tsp of crushed red pepper flakes

Heat sauce to a low boil and brush over cooked ribs.

Continue cooking ribs to caramelize sauce- approximately 15 minutes on the grill.